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Angela grew up near Roxboro, NC and today calls that small North Carolina town her home. She learned piano at a young age, and later taught herself guitar and a little flute.  It was in church music where she found her voice and, fittingly so, she uses that voice primarily to lead the congregation of River of Life Church in worship.  If you listen to her music you are certain to feel that gentle, loving acceptance that emanates from a heart that has been accepted and loved by God. Angela is the creative spark behind “Chiesa.” Birthed from her own walk with God, it’s those deep, thoughtful lyrics which are the true centerpiece of the album. (PS Dan did an outstanding job with my bio!)


Jameson Harris began playing the drums soon after turning one, and since then has become quite the accomplished percussionist, having won Outstanding Achievement, Best Solo and Best Performance at Williamsburg, Va’s 2015 “Festa-Val” Jazz Band Competition.  In addition, Jameson plays guitar, ukulele, piano, sings and writes music with his own band. Jameson, at 18, is perhaps the biggest Hanson fan in the world. (Mmmm yes, and we all feel a little bit weird sometimes.)

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Dan Veasey is originally from Richmond, Va, having moved to Danville, Va, after graduating from Averett University. Soon after, Dan married his dear wife Renee’, and they are sweetly raising four young Veaseys: Alyssa, Iliana, Tovi and Joah. Dan did the graphic design work on “Chiesa,” which turned into an amazing and beautiful work of art. I (Angela) cannot thank him enough for the time of tedious labor and obvious love and support he put into this project. A worshiper at heart, Dan can get about any instrument to play. He is outstanding on piano and guitar, yet has recently fallen in love with a Hammond organ which he affectionately named “Rosa Walker” after his grandmother. This will be a long-distance relationship since the “Rosa Walker” resides on Washington Street in Durham, NC.

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Andrew Liggitt is a guitarist, pianist and an extraordinary violinist, having played violin on Chiesa.  Andrew is a worship leader at his church as well as a staff member of his local Youth For Christ organization. He spends creative time writing and recording melodies to scripture used in fun memorization singing for children in his community. Andrew lives in Roxboro, NC, with his wife Katherine, also musically talented, and their beautiful boys Peter, Noah, Ezra and soon to be baby boy number four!

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Roxboro, NC native Mason Cobb is the very talented bassist on Chiesa, having played bass for ten years. Mason currently studies graphic design at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. We hope we haven’t heard the last of Mason’s incredibly musical side!


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Logan Butler plays guitar and French horn on this album. Just having turned 18, Logan got into the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with the French horn, and is one of a select few in the jazz guitar program. When not in college, Logan is at home in Mebane, NC, with his parents, brother and twin sisters.

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Cailin Clarke is a student at the School of the Arts in Durham, NC, and plays cello. Many Saturdays find her playing with a symphony at Duke University, and at 15, Cailin was the youngest on the album. She resides in Durham with her mom, stepdad and sister.

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Brett Gill, a junior in high school, juggles a part time Food Lion job and homework, and he loves drumming with Roxboro Community School’s band.  Brett recently represented Roxboro Community at a UNC-Chapel Hill band event. Brett lives with his mom, dad and two sweet (yes, Brett) sisters in Roxboro, NC.

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David and Jo Wilson have been having adventures since high school days, attended UNC-Greensboro, have been married for 42 years, and more than anything love to worship the Lord. They live in the small, historic town of Milton, NC,  raised four sons, welcomed four daughters-in-law and now enjoy 12 beautiful grandchildren that they spend as much time with as possible. David recently spent two weeks camping in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies with his eldest son, and finally, saw a grizzly bear to check off his bucket list. This couple is a treasure.

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Jennifer Boswell plays piano, flute and bass. She has a gentle. sweet voice, and we enjoyed having her sing on Chiesa. Jennifer lives in Ringgold, Va, with husband David and their adorable little daughter Sydney.  When not busy cheering for Duke, Jennifer works as a lab technician…we like to call her a scientist.

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Chelsea Lavinder sings background vocals on Chiesa, but her true love is theater, having played many roles throughout her school career with a junior theater program. She and I (Angela) share exquisite memories having traveled together with a team to Romania in 2014. Chelsea, 18, lives in Danville, Va, with mom, dad and sister Chloe. Chelsea currently works at a local credit union while she is planning her future steps, always keeping a jar of peanut butter close at hand.

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Last but not least, singer Elizabeth Henry is from Durham, NC, and also spent time in theater and in chorus throughout high school, having travelled to NYC with her choral class. She has a lovely eye for thrift shopping, and led me (Angela) to the thrift dress I wore on the album cover, for the lovely price of $4.50. Before moving for school, we had become a singing pair in the historic town of Milton, NC. Elizabeth currently studies at the distinguished Belmont University in Nashville, TN, but when not in college lives in Durham, NC, with her mom, dad and brother.