Cover-WEB-v14Chiesa, Italian for church, is the result of writing music for worship services. Commonly asked why don’t you record, I always came back to limited reasons for recording. One snowy day in February 2015, i turned the question around to, why not record? Setting up a GoFundMe account, I quickly saw the $1500 in funds come and suddenly I had a studio recording date. I asked the musician friends I have to share in this experience, fortunately so many are without reserve outstanding musicians, including my 18 year old son, Jameson. Not having recorded before, I will never forget feeling a little like The Beverly Hillbillies as we all came bounding in the state of the art facility, like we were arriving at a church picnic. The day before, just in time for this event of a lifetime, I came down with a cold. On the music stand along with my music notes were nasal spray, throat spray, lozenges, and a bath tissue roll. I was in singing pain for much of the recording, most songs we did in two takes, and in 20 hours we had recorded an album. A violinfrom the heights of heaven, a few bluesy knock- out guitar riffs, drums to beat the band off the field, a one-valve French horn that has the best three notes in horn history, and a Hammond organ that we nicknamed the Rosa Lee. Heart stealer.

No, this doesn’t tell you much about the music, but hopefully you get a picture of us. You’ll just have to listen.

But…it was the best church picnic ever.

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